The Internationa Federation of Infection Control ( IFIC) , a world wide umbrella organisation of Societies and individuals working in the field of infection prevention and control, is -true to its goal of providing leadership and facilitating networking- proud to offer its 13th Congress in Association with ADECI, in the fascinating city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As usual, it is our aim to bring our unique blend of evidence based, state of the art sessions presented by speakers from Member Societies across the globe; key note lectures by internationally reknowned speakers, and participatory seminars and Special Interest groups’ workshops, together with  ample opportunities to enable practitioners to network in a connvivial supportive atmosphere .

Reducing the risks presented by healthcare associated infections is a challenge, and the possibility of interacting with colleagues from all over the world in the exchange of ideas and experiences, learning from each other, and exploring together how to make the most of scant resources, is a significant step in helping to meet it.

We hope the programme, and the blend of experiences from all over, but especially from Europe, America and Latin America,  presented during the conference, will stimulate , help to formulate your own thoughts and develop your own strategies.

We look forward to seeing you in Buenos Aires in October 2013!

Judith Richards
Chair, IFIC

Michael Borg
Conferences Committee Coordinator, IFIC


¡Bienvenidos a Argentina!, welcome from ADECI

ADECI, the Argentine Association of Nurses in Infection Control (ADECI) is proud to invite you to attend the 13th International Congress of the International Federation of Infection Control, to be held in conjunction with the XIII Argentine Congress of Epidemiology, Infection Control and Patient Safety, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from October 2nd to 4th incl, 2013.

Reflecting on the reasons and goals of this important meeting, those who have been honored to join the Organizing and Scientific Committees have agreed to focus this conference’s theme in the vision of human beings as the subject of health care systems, and the opportunity that the health care team currently has towards excellence in patient care.

We all seek to live with dignity, quality and safety.  Our capacity to do so is growing steadily enhanced by the tremendous advances in the field of technology.   However, we still occasionally see these elements of quality and safety under risk when we come into contact with health care systems. 
Yet, on most occasions these risks can be prevented, as is the case with most infections associated with health care.

Like never before, we have the knowledge and tools that may help us to reduce the incidence of these infections. We have learnt that reaching our goals is possible if we base our work on strong leadership, and team work stressing the key role of each member within the health care team, supported by sustained work when the necessary human resources are available and we have the capacity to learn from past experiences. 

Access to information currently allows us to learn rapidly from others; research and statistics help us to analize evidence critically; however, it is  personal interaction that keeps offering the best opportunity to openly and thoroughly discuss and exchange valuable experiences with our colleagues.

In summary, a Congress like the one we are proposing will bring us the possibility of sharing with colleagues from all over problems, and current opportunities and solutions.

We look forward to meeting you in Buenos Aires.   It is our aim  to develop a broad spectrum and up to date scientific program, which will foster the opportunity for all of us to learn from and interact with well known international, regional and local speakers. 

We are proud to welcome you to a city and country full of passion, geographical diversity, excellent food and a taste for good wine.  Mostly, we want to offer you the full attention of our people, who will be happy to interact with colleagues from all over the world with whom we share the common goal of working for patient safety.

See you in Buenos Aires in October!

Silvia Margalejo Raffin
President, ADECI

Carolina Giuffré
IFIC Board Member, Regional Coordinator Central and South America